“A Shuttle to Trouble” Podcast Episode

Buckle up for an all-new mini-installment of the Unde(a)feated Detective Series!  

​Minka Avery and her family have just come off a relaxing Jamaican getaway. ..followed by an exhausting flight. The source of their exasperation? Lloyd Wells, a fellow passenger who drives everyone crazy with his incessant demands.

The grumpy man finds a friend in Minka’s husband, Wes, and accompanies him for the entire journey. Just when they expect to break free of him, he dies on the airport shuttle, poisoned by exposure to coconut, his dreaded allergen. 

With a tram full of suspects, can Minka use her sleuth’s instincts to crack the coconut wide open before the killer can fly away?    

Listen now on TG Wolff’s “Mysteries To Die For” podcast! Accompanying anthology available on Amazon.   

Public Speaking Engagements

Whether you’re interested in a classroom visit, library presentation, or various other events, I’d be happy to be speaker! Depending on the occasion, I discuss my writing pursuits and strive to help people better understand the challenges that handicapped people face. At the same time, I endeavor to highlight the similarities they share with everyone else and the benefits of reaching out to those who are different from you.

“Her story is very powerful.”

Attendee at Ohio Library Council Expo

Contact me if you’re interested in lining up a presentation.