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Husband in Hiding

For detective Minka Avery, nothing gets in the way of justice, not even the fact that she is deaf. 

In this first book of the Unde(a)feted Detective Series, Minka finds herself immersed in the world of professional sports, trying to solve a mystery that seems only to lead to dead ends.

Her wanting-to-be-helpful-husband creates problems of his own, which only makes Minka’s job harder. Will she find the culprit? Will she find her husband? And where has he gone? 

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Brother of Interest

When Minka Avery left the police department and her life as a deaf detective, she thought chasing after her toddler daughter and keeping tabs on her mischievous husband would be the extent of her excitement. Before long, however, her brother lands on the list of suspects in a high-profile crime and throws her world into chaos.

Torn between her conflicted feelings for him and her desire to see justice carried out, she decides to unofficially explore the matter on her own. She begins to see that the case is bigger than it seemed at first glance, but before she can unravel it further, she discovers Robin using her garage as a hideout from the authorities!

Now forced together, can Minka overcome the many distractions to figure out the massive scheme that’s really playing out? And can the bizarre circumstances somehow improve hers and Robin’s chilly relationship?

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Accidental Allies

Everybody’s experienced a rocky start to a new job, but few can top Minka Avery’s return to Orlando PD.

After six years as a stay-at-home mom, Minka’s nervous but excited to sit at a detective’s desk again. Before she has a chance to break in her badge, however, her career resumes with a bang when someone bombs the county courthouse.  

With many disillusioned with the justice system, several brow-raising suspects emerge right away. Minka and her new partner, Renee, follow several tips that lead to dead ends, until they zero in on the courthouse’s former security guard. Their attempts to apprehend him send the city and police department into chaos. Meanwhile, Minka contends with the lingering suspicion of another party being involved. Could his accomplice be closer than she thinks?

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Forgetting My Way Back to You

When Hunter Jett returns to his hometown and begins working with his high school sweetheart, Charlee Stoll, it doesn’t take long for old sparks to fly. To her surprise, they rekindle their romance, and their once-lost happily-ever-after seems within reach. It’s jeopardized, however, when their past troubles come back to the fore and a heated argument sends Charlee over a literal cliff’s edge.

When she comes out of a coma, she doesn’t remember who Hunter is or their rocky history. He decides to use the clean slate to win back her love. Will he recapture her heart? Or will his lies, her protective father, or a former flame get in his way?

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Wrong Line, Right Connection

Could a mortifying day on the job end up netting you true love? When switchboard operator Mabel Jennings reports to work in the summer of 1964, she doesn’t have any interest in finding love again. Out-of-towner Roy Stentz rings up her station, however, and makes her reconsider. Mabel’s intrigued by his deep yet kind voice, but she endeavors to remain professional. Her attraction frazzles her mind, causing her to transfer Roy to the wrong line. When he calls back to give her another try, she repeats the mistake, humiliating herself.

The haphazard introduction sets an unexpected romance into motion. Though she falls quickly for him, Mabel’s bittersweet past refrains her from giving Roy her full devotion. Can she overcome her memories of love lost to embrace the new one calling out to her?

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