Brother of Interest

There’s nothing more heart-warming than a brother and sister’s bond—or is there?

In Minka Avery’s case, her relationship with her brother, Robin, has been strained for years, but never more than it is in Brother of Interest

For the past fourteen months, Minka’s been basking in the joys of new motherhood, a far cry from the life she had as a deaf police detective. She sometimes misses the rush of chasing criminals, but she finds more excitement than she ever wanted when Robin ends up at the top of the list of suspects in a high-profile assault investigation.

She may not have a badge anymore, but the sister and law enforcer in her impel her unofficially explore the matter on her own. Will she find her runaway brother? Will the evidence she unearths exonerate him…or point to his guilt?

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“There’s nothing like becoming a new mother—until the ever-annoying, bane to your existence, pride and joy to your parents, lands himself in serious trouble. Minka Avery, multi-tasker extraordinaire, rises to the bar to help her brother. Along the way she discovers new layers to her own family systems. Author Karina Bartow shows the many aspects of often complicated family relationships in detail—and does it brilliantly.”

~Kat Henry Doran, Wild Women Reviews