Forgetting My Way Back to You

At one point or another, everybody finds themselves wanting a second chance, whether it be missing the mark on an investment, failing to live up to a certain goal, or letting a true love slip away.  It’s very seldom, however, that one receives the proverbial do-over.

Charlee Stoll and Hunter Jett become the modern-day exception.  After a decade-long estrangement, the high school sweethearts reconnect and enjoy the reunion neither of them expected.  As their past struggles begin to mar their present happiness, tragedy strikes. Charlee’s thrown off a horse and sent into a week-long coma.

When she awakens with no clue who Hunter is, he seizes the chance to right his wrongs.  To do so, though he has to overcome her father’s displeasure, another ex-boyfriend vying for Charlee’s love, and her mission to regain her memory.  Through charm and deception, can he win back her love…before she discovers the truth?

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“As in all romances, the course of true love never does run smooth and this story is an emotional rollercoaster for the reader, evoking tears of sorrow and delight at the tender romance. Forgetting My Way Back To You keeps one turning the pages, caught in the drama of the lovers’ relationship, past, present, and perhaps future.”

~Emily Decobert, Reviewer