Husband in Hiding

Most wives think they have it hard when their husbands forget to take out the garbage or leave the toilet seat up, but Minka Avery has them beat:  Hers ends up in Witness Protection!

As a deaf police detective, she’s overcome many challenges, but none prepare her for the ones she faces in Husband in Hiding.  Immersed in a heated investigation into the abductions of NBA players, Minka and Cael, her partner and brother-in-law, find nothing but dead ends.  That all changes, though, when Minka’s husband, Wes, meets up with a former classmate, Shantelle Brayden.  One of the Orlando Magic’s dancers, Shantelle leads Wes and the detectives to a big break…but it comes with a price.  Wes’s meddlesome ways land him on the mob’s radar, forcing him into hiding.

Now without her childhood sweetheart or any hopes of their future together, Minka’s more determined than ever to put an end to the case.  Will she find the culprit? Will she find her husband? Find out in Husband in Hiding.

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Husband in Hiding is a rare treat for those who enjoy a clean mystery. It’s well-written, the storyline flows and the characters are well-developed. If you like Hallmark mystery movies, you will feel right at home with Husband in Hiding.”

~Brenda Weeaks,