Accidental Allies

Everybody’s experienced a rocky start to a new job, but few can top Minka Avery’s return to Orlando PD.

After six years as a stay-at-home mom, Minka’s nervous but excited to sit at a detective’s desk again. She and her partner, Renee Hart, don’t hit it off too well, but she endeavors to develop a bond. She hosts a dinner party to celebrate her return to work, but the night comes to an alarming end when someone bombs the county courthouse. 

​With many disillusioned with the justice system, several brow-raising suspects emerge right away. None prove to be the bomber, until Minka and Renee zero in on Silas Everett, a former security guard at the courthouse. He eludes them for weeks, wreaking havoc on the city and police department. Meanwhile, Minka contends with the lingering suspicion of another party being involved. Could his accomplice be closer than she thinks?

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