Setting the Scene

Every story has a setting, whether it be an exotic locale in Europe or simply the protagonist’s living room.  Early in my writing journey, I experimented with creating my own fictitious towns, as many authors masterfully craft, but I couldn’t “feel” the story when I did so.  Thus, I began setting my characters in places I’ve personally visited.

 ​In some cases, an ordinary vacation inspires me to base a story there, such as what happened after a 2011 trip to Orlando, Florida.  Though I hadn’t begun writing the series, I knew it would be the perfect home for Minka and Wes.  Other times, my research leads me to the right venue, and to ensure accuracy—and have a good reason to travel!—, I endeavor to go there.  For instance, my studies into witness protection for Husband in Hiding ​revealed Arizona to be among the places WITSEC takes those whom are in their care.  A trip there to celebrate my parents’ anniversary coincided well with my writing and allowed me to investigate Glendale, where Wes is taken for refuge.

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