Lights! Camera! Voiceovers!: Behind the Book Trailer

When I signed my latest publishing contract with Vinspire Publishing, they gave me a marketing checklist of tasks they suggest I complete in promoting my book.  I’d done the majority of them while marketing my debut novel, but there were a few new ideas—one of which was making a book trailer.  Upon reading it, I began to shudder in fear and inadequacy.  I’d been vaguely aware of the term but never imagined making one.  I’m a book writer, not a movie director!

I confessed my qualms to the editor-in-chief, who assured me they’d be producing one, too, and not to worry.  Thus, I set it aside for five months, but as I continued checking off to-dos, my conscience poked me about it.  I couldn’t just ex it out without giving it a try.  My publisher had listed it for a reason, so how could I slouch down and let them do it all?


Images courtesy of Pixabay

When I started the groundwork in mid-May, I only intended to try without thinking I’d be able to do much more than that.  Since my publisher mentioned I could hire a producer, I looked into that first, but it didn’t take long to decide it was out of my limited budget.  I then researched what’s involved in creating one, but my doubts in my skills remained.  Nonetheless, I followed some of the tips I found and downloaded a video creator app, Movie Maker 10.

I liked the program’s easy-to-use features, but it wouldn’t be enough without the right photos, videos, and sound effects to capture the story.  My cover shows the protagonists’ characteristics, so having to find appropriate subjects was daunting.  Thankfully, I came across several great websites featuring royalty-free, un-copyrighted images and the like; my favorite is  Pixabay had just what I was looking for, and it was all top-of-the-line quality.  I struggled to figure out the right search words for a couple of the scenes, but overall, I couldn’t believe the ease of finding exactly what I needed to make everything cohesive.

As I wrapped up that and the script, I wanted one more addition to bring the trailer to life.  Mark Twain once said, “Don’t say the old lady screamed. Bring her on and let her scream.”  Taking his advice, I selected two quotes that are very instrumental in the story and begged three close friends to perform them.  One of them, “her protective father,” was the actual inspiration for the character he voiced.  To my relief, they readily agreed, and their voiceovers proved to be the most vivid touches on the video—at least, in my opinion!

I hope this recap didn’t bore those of who aren’t interested creating videos.  If nothing else, please remember my experience when asked to step out of your wheelhouse.  Don’t underestimate your abilities and the value of research.

Without further ado, I present the trailer for Forgetting My Way Back to You:

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