In This Together?

I’m sure this is far from the first or last blog that addresses the Covid-19 pandemic. For the sake of many like me who’ve grown weary of tips and analyses on this topic, I wasn’t going to post anything about it. After all, this blog is primarily about writing. I discuss life, as well, however, and we can all agree this is life today.

We’ve all heard the phrase—and probably used the hashtag—“In This Together.” At many times, I, for one, feel that. When we see others, we often exchange smiles, even from under masks, and might share a kind exchange…from afar, of course! Unlike any other time, we know what one another’s enduring, and many understand the value of a nice word. Everyone’s fragile, and we get that because we are, too.

Health care has always been controversial, though, and this is no exception. To make matters worse, there isn’t a proven path with this; it’s uncharted territory. Because of that, governments have taken different paths and are taking heat from one another along with their citizens.

We may well see that in our own lives, too. Opinions differ about how to try to stay well. There are conflicting views on whether or not to eat restaurant food, whether to order groceries online or set foot in a grocery store, and how often essential trips are essential. Since this is forefront on our minds, it’s hard not to make our views known, and many times, those of us with stricter mentalities are most vocal.

In the past, I’ve shared my struggles with being judged, and I find this creeping up on me again. As much as the cabin fever and constant uncertainty bother me, this is the matter that suffocates me. I feel like everything I do is under a microscope. I feel like the simplest well-meaning remark can anger someone.

The pressure of it all has played on my emotions. I wish people could understand that, while so much has been turned upside down, words can still hurt. Although we’re all enduring many of the same hardships, we won’t do exactly the same things. We might have strong feelings, but that doesn’t mean we can speak our minds with no regard for how it’ll impact people. If they respect your opinions and actions, respect theirs. When we do find ourselves on the sharp end of someone’s tongue, though, we need to appreciate their fear and frustration.

We’re all taking in much of the same information, and we need to trust each other to do what we see fit for our families and for that time period. Times are changing quickly, so if someone isn’t doing what you are today, they might reconsider tomorrow. As long as we’re subjecting ourselves to the authorities in our area, let’s allow each one to carry his own load and not show our love with scolding. Instead, let’s be “in this together” with gentle understanding so that we can maintain a positive outlook, helping us to stay healthy.


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