Character Spotlight: Robin Parker

Two weeks from today, Brother of Interest, the second installment in The Unde(a)feted Detective Series, will be released. Last week, I started a series of three character spotlights to acquaint readers with old and new characters in the book. Today, I’m introducing Robin Parker, the brother of interest himself.

Minka’s younger brother gave her the drive to become a police officer without even realizing it. As revealed in Husband in Hiding, their neighbor kidnapped him when he was under her care as a child, and always feeling responsible for the trauma, Minka saw the police force as her way of making up for it. Despite that, you never meet Robin in the first novel, even for Wes’s fake funeral.

Brother of Interest provides a glimpse into the siblings’ troubled relationship, but I don’t want to give any of that away here. Rather, I just intend to give you some background into Robin’s personality and what led him to land on the suspects’ list in a high-profile assault investigation. To do that, I’ve decided to let Robin share his perspective through a blog post he’s written. Keep in mind, though, this is not an actual element in the book. 

Stags Tech or Scam Tech?

By Robin Parker

As many of you know, I’ve worked in the coding department at Stags Technology for five years. I’ve accomplished much since I was hired. I uncover glitches in our algorithms before any of my colleagues and head up a lot of our updates. Without me, the company would be in the tank.

Naturally, then, I assumed I’d be the obvious choice to replace my supervisor when he retired at the end of the year. I didn’t think I’d have to do too much to prove myself after all I’ve done. I thought even the interview was just a formality for the legal team and the brownnosers who also applied for the position. The notion that I wouldn’t land it seemed absolutely foolish.

Well, turns out I work for a bunch of fools.

That’s right: I didn’t get it. Instead of granting a loyal employee this well-deserved promotion, the boss and his team of idiots handed it to my kiss-up of a coworker, who has less seniority than I do. Sure, it’s only by a month but still. It’s an insult…which I’m finding out, my boss, Perry Hamilton, excels at.

After I took the blatant slighting up with the brass, Hamilton writes up all the supposed reasons he had for overlooking me. Every one of them has an upside, though. Sure, I arrive late on occasion, but the extra rest makes me more productive. And yes, I’ve tipped the vending machines to get a free snack here and there, but the jostling keeps the dust from building up.

To tell you the truth, I don’t like to complain this way, but I want the public to know Perry Hamilton is not the golden boy he pretends to be. He’s hardly even at the office, too preoccupied hobnobbing with his millionaire friends. Don’t get me wrong, he has his enemies, too, and from what I hear, they keep him just as busy.

My sister, Minka, and I don’t have much in common, but we both are committed to meting out justice. As a former cop, she has different methods than I do, given how much our experiences with the law have differed. I may not have a badge, but I will find a way to get justice for myself and give Hamilton what he wouldn’t extend to me—the treatment he deserves!

Will Robin get justice? Or will he end up on the other side of it? Find out in Brother of Interest, available for pre-order now!

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